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I wanted to say to tiny tykes that my family has never been so happy as when we purchased a teddy bear puppy from you last march in 2012.
Riley is wonderful . As soon as I purchased her from you last year i took her to the vet and she checked out perfect for health .
Tiny tykes has a 5 year warranty on the pet you choose as long as you take your pet to the vet within 10 days if I remember correctly.
Riley had no health problems and sees a vet regularly as needed by the veterinarian recommendations. We love our dog from you guys.
I cant say enough how much we are happy. We plan on getting another teddy bear puppy from you very soon . Thank you tiny tykes for Riley.
Our family loves Riley to death !! Sincerly, Karey A

We got our puppy from Tinytykes exactly two weeks ago today. We LOVE our little boy! He is a morkie who is now 11 weeks old and he is an awesome little dog. We took him to a vet the very next day for a thorough check up. He was pronounced in perfect health. He is so energetic and is already catching onto potty training. As for Tinytykes, the store itself was very clean, as was the pen that the puppies were kept in.There was also plenty of room for all the puppies in the pen. I have never posted a review before on any site, but when I saw the one very negative review - from somebody who has apparently never been in the store - I felt compelled to share my experience. I would buy a puppy from Tinytykes again 

We loved this place! We came to visit and just see the puppies and we were so surprised at how sweet everyone was to us. The place and nice and clean and you can tell that the puppies are given lots of love and plenty of down time to run around. :) That is where me and my husband are going to purchase our first puppy sometime in the future! 

My family  has purchased 2 Great Puppies from this family. The first was over 12 years ago and is still very healthy. We also know others who has gotten pets from them and are doing fine. Really recommend them to anyone looking for a dog.

I have been e been a customer for many years now definitely trust the owners and breeder. I have bought 2 puppies from them now
and they are wonderful and healthy. I would recommended them to anyone!

Great service and love my puppy. Ashley Marie

Bought my little guy from here three months ago and he's perfect! And the staff was nice too Jodi Stern I great experience for our family.

Purchased both two puppies form here! The perfect addition to our family!

Taylor Marie Semph Bought my little almost two years old 7 lb yorki poo here, and she is the best thing that ever happened to me.
My mom got a puppy there too, and we are in love.

Shalayne Anderson Have bought both our teddybears at the Plover store; best pet store ever!!!! Great service, customer satisfaction; and the money is well worth the well cared for dogs. Thanks so much pups n stuff.

Kelly Ann If you want to purchase a puppy then purchase at Tiny Tykes ! All puppies are well-taken care of and adorable ! Excellent service. 
I recommend this store to all my friends and the ones who have purchased LOVE it too !

Gina Schultz We bought our lil Bella at the Milwaukee store. She's a Maltipoo. So adorable and funny.

Billie Owens the little  yorkie poo girl i named gizmo(i call her "izzy") is doing wonderful and i love her to death :)

First picture of Buddy is from 2007 and in the second picture he is 3 yrs old. We bought him from you the Friday before Mother's Day 2007. He is the best dog, a very loving and caring dog. Gary and Carol Hartwig

Hi,  My girlfriend and I bought this Teddy Bear(Oscar) from your store the weekend before Memorial weekend.
We are so very pleased with him and your store. He has the best personality and gets along with our Pug and Pomm great. He is wonderful with other people and children. We were very pleased with your service and store. It was by far the cleanest pet store we have ever been in and it was obvious the pups were very well taken care of. Feel free to post this messaged and/or the pictures on your website or forum as a testimate of your wonderful store. We are very pleased with our newest family member and thank you.  Chris and Sally from Marshfield, WI

Hello, I bought the cutest Shih-Tzu/Bichon black and white male Teddy Bear puppy right before Mother's Day.We named him "Teddy".
He was born March 4th. I have a couple questions. Was his mother a Shih-Tzu or Bichon? Could you send a picture of his parents?
What do you think his fur will be like when he is an adult? I met a Shih-Tzu today and the fur was course.
The owner said that she has one with course hair and one with soft hair. Teddy is doing well. He has an umbilical hernia, but everything is fine.
It will be taken care of when he is fixed. He is a lot of fun and best of all, my husband is not allergic to him! He is smart, too. He sits, lies down,
is learning to walk on the side of us, and plays fetch. He was partially housebroken when we bought him and has very few accidents.
He still loves the sunflower toy that you said was his favorite toy to chase. We are going to take him on a road trip soon because we want our families to meet him. I am also  sending you a current picture of Teddy. He is now five pounds at 13 weeks old. Sincerely, Annette Bedard

Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Shi-Poo! I named her Zoe and she has brought so much joy to my life!
I will send you a pic when I have them developed.... Thanks again<BR> and Happy Holidays!  Lynn

Just thought I'd let you know that Today is Rocco's first day of school, puppy school that is. I am taking him to Amiable Dog Training in West Allis,
recommended by my Vet and one of my friends. I am excited to get him to go potty outside and stop chewing on everything insight!
How is his brother doing? Probably much better behaved considering he is being raised by a professional, this is my first time with the potty training and all that. My other dog Bailey has been doing great with him. She used to have an accident a day and bark while I was away.
Now she is more calm and has only had 1 accident since I brought Rocco home over a month ago! My sister was right about her needing a brother :) Just wanted to Thank you again, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking for a puppy. I will send you more pictures of Rocco, when I get them developed. Kathi Shanahan

Maggie & Marley are great! They had their little operation's yesterday. No future pups for us! =) They are both doing well though.  
We are very, very happy with our puppies. We love them so much!! My mother doesn't care what Maggie is, she is pleased to have her.   
Our veterinary does think she is the same mix-breed as Marley. You know, they do look a little different and have different temperments but so do my children!! (And, my kids have the same parents Thank you for getting back to me and asking about Marley. I kept Maggie all last week for my mom to be out of town. Whew!! Three kids, two dogs AND A HUSBAND, my plate was full!! It was great, though. The dogs had a good time together. I made some great pictures of the two of them. I'll send one when I get them developed. Take care! Natalie

As you can see Sophie is doing just fine. My son and daughter are in love with this little girl. Thank you for sending us this perfect puggle,
she is already making a big difference in our family. Please feel free to share this E-mail or give our name and # for a reference. The vet check is scheduled for Monday. please give me a call Monday and let me know how much of a credit I will be receiving because of the shipping mishap. Don't stop shipping people these beautiful animals we need repeatable people like yourselves to get dogs of this quality. Once again thank you and I'll be looking forward to hearing from you on Monday. Hope the pics make you laugh. Thanks The Costa Family

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